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Wastewater Treatment - Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is excellent for use in the treatment of industrial and process wastewater, odour control and pollutant oxidation. It safely oxidises phenols, cyanides, aldehydes, and mercaptans, reduced sulfur compounds and some pesticides. Chlorine dioxide is highly versatile and is useful in both wastewater treatment and scrubber systems.

industryChlorine dioxide is an environmentally friendly oxidant that is preferred by many regulating water utilities and supply authorities for final discharge disinfection. Chlorine dioxide controls bacteria such as E. coli and other coliforms. It does not accumulate in the environment and can be used to reduce the growth of troublesome biofilms, iron bacteria, algae and other organisms known to contribute to wastewater and effluent fouling problems. Chlorine dioxide can also help reduce effluent surcharges and regulatory fines by reducing Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) in wastewater without producing chlorinated by-products such as THM and HAA. It is also an excellent odour neutraliser, helping to control secondary and tertiary amines.

Technical support and advice

SafeOx work closely with a diverse range of organisations from across the waste management sectors; intelligently combining advanced treatment technologies with practical solutions to resolve complex issues. If you have a project concerning the treatment of wastewater, odour control or pollutant oxidation that you would like to discuss with us, or require technical support and assistance; or if you simply have a question about one of our chlorine dioxide technologies please contact one of our specialist advisors using our Technical Support page or call us on +44 (0) 161 877 2334.