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Chlorine Dioxide Tablets - SafeOx's range of innovative, technically advanced chlorine dioxide tablets (ClO2) have been developed to offer a quick and easy means of producing high purity chlorine dioxide at the point of use. No additional equipment or chemicals are required to create a highly effective, activated solution of chlorine dioxide that is ready for use in minutes.

tablets-imagesSafeOx chlorine dioxide tablets are ideal for use where the control of microbiological activity is essential, if not critical. Our chlorine dioxide tablets are engineered to carefully control and sustain the release of specified concentrations and strengths of chlorine dioxide gas only when added to water. Whilst dry the tablets remain inert.

Controlling the release of chlorine dioxide

Generating chlorine dioxide using our SafeOx tablets requires no equipment or precusor chemicals; and is quick, easy and very effective. When dry the tablets are safe and un-reactive only producing chlorine dioxide when exposed to or added to water.

To activate the innovative chlorine dioxide release process simply remove the tablets from their waterproof packaging and dissolve in water. Within minutes the tablets act to produce a stabilised solution of high purity, activated chlorine dioxide. This generated solution is highly effective for microbiological control (including biofilm and Legionella bacteria), odour control, and pollutant oxidation.

Advanced technology brings several significant benefits

SafeOx chlorine dioxide tablets offer a number of significant benefits including:

  • Safe, compact, easy to use tablet release technology.
  • Ideal and very cost effective for small to medium users of chlorine dioxide.
  • Rapidly create a solution of high purity chlorine dioxide in minutes.
  • Generate chlorine dioxide on demand - only make as much as you need.
  • Cost effective - Requires no equipment, additional precursor chemicals or specialist training.
  • Highly effective against many pathogenic organisms including including bacterial spores, Legionella, Tuberculosis, MRSA, E.coli and more.
  • Destroys biofilm so bacterial re-growth is significantly impeded.

Wide range of applications

SafeOx chlorine dioxide tablets have a wide range of applications including:

  • General industrial and process water treatment applications including cooling systems, cooling towers, water storage tanks etc. 
  • Highly effective odour control.
  • Food processing environments - very effective, food safe hard surface cleaner.
  • Healthcare and veterinary facilities - rapid action, highly effective hard surface cleaner.
  • Re-circulating cooling water systems.
  • Emergency drinking water purification.
  • Vehicle and car washing facilities, controlling microbiological activity in recycled water systems.
  • Reverse osmosis plant and membrane sterilisation.
  • Water softeners.
  • Legionella control.  

Product availability

SafeOx chlorine dioxide tablets are available in a number of alternative pack sizes that offer greater flexibility in use. Each tablet will create a stabilised solution of high purity chlorine dioxide as follows:

  • SafeOx 4L - Delivers 1ppm of chlorine dioxide in 4 litres.
  • SafeOx 120L - Delivers 1ppm of chlorine dioxide in 120 litres.
  • SafeOx 5M - Delivers 1ppm of chlorine dioxide in 5 m3.
  • SafeOx 10M - Delivers 1ppm of chlorine dioxide in 10 m3.

Technical Support

If you require additional information or specialist technical support concerning our range of chlorine dioxide tablets please contact one of our advisors on +44 (0) 161 877 2334 or use our Technical Support page.