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Chlorine Dioxide Test Kits & Laboratory Analysis Print E-mail

Chlorine Dioxide - SafeOx offer a range of analysis instruments, meters, test kits and laboratory services that can be used to monitor and detect not only chlorine dioxide but additional parameters including food poisoning bacteria, Legionella, Coliforms, Pseudomonas, TVC’s and more.

Chlorine dioxide monitoring

SafeOx offer a comprehensive range of analysis instruments including meters, test kits and test strips that can be used to monitor and detect the presence of chlorine dioxide ... chlorine dioxide >>

safeox-md-photometerSafeOx MD chlorine dioxide photometer

  • Range 0.01 – 3.8ppm - ClO2

Chlorine dioxide test strips

  • Low Range 0 – 1.6ppm - ClO2
  • High Range 0 – 100ppm - ClO2

Chlorine dioxide drop tests

  • Very Low Range 0 - 12ppm - ClO2
  • Low Range 0 - 24ppm - ClO2safeox-comparator-test
  • Very Low Range to High Range 0 - 600ppm - ClO2

Chlorine dioxide comparator kit

  • Range 0.01 – 0.2ppm - ClO2

 ATP hygiene monitoring

Our portable ATP hygiene monitoring system has been developed for use across a range of environmental hygiene, food and water applications. Using an advanced hand-held meter our ATP system allows hygiene levels and the effectiveness of cleaning activities to be quickly and accurately monitored at the point of delivery. Our advanced ATP monitoring system delivers significant improvements in cleaning procedures and performance levels … ATP hygiene monitoring >>

safeox-rapid-legionella-testRapid “in-field” tests for Legionella bacteria

Our rapid “in-field” Legionella test kits use breakthrough technology to offer a quick and easy way of identifying the presence of Legionella bacteria in water samples with out the need for laboratory testing. Test results take only 25 minutes making our test kits ideal for “in-field” applications where the speedy identification of Legionella bacteria is safety critical … rapid legionella test >>

Laboratory analysis

We offer a full range of laboratory analysis and microbiology services that allow the accurate identification of food poisoning bacteria, Legionella bacteria and other waterborne pathogens … laboratory analysis >>

Technical support and advice

If you require technical support or advice relating to any of analysis instruments, meters, test kits or laboratory services please contact one of our specialist advisors on +44 (0) 161 877 2334 or submit your questions using our Technical Support page.